In the latest episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 25 September 2018 Sikandar asks to Amyra to always stay happy. She told him that how Tevar doodle today. He tolds her that one who cheats they never get good things they always lose. he puts her to sleep. He was very worried about Lovely. He asks for Lovely to take care of her health. She wanted her life to be stable and be in peace.

She asks him if he was found the all information about Tevar. He tolds her that he could not find any solid lead. She gets very happy and starts smiling. She thinks that God supports her and he gave the thanks to the god for this. Sikandar hastens to commingle the inspector to avail some information. He meets with kulfi and her cow. She tolds to him that Tevar has got her cow back from the village.Image result for kulfi kumar bajewala written episode 24 september 2018

Sikandar asks that if she is sure for this or not. Kulfi tolds him that he is everything for her. There is an emotional moment once again. She founds Amyra coming and asks him that not to upset Amyra. She hides away from Amyra. She tolds him that she does not want Amyra to get angry and tolds her that she is just keeping Amyra’s wishes. Kulfi has hidden her face from Amyra and tolds her that she is keeping Amyra’s wish. Kulfi performs the dance. She wanted to explains Amyra that she is her well-wisher.

Amyra founds Kulfi’s poor dancing skills and tolds to her that she can teach her. Tevar asks a question of Kulfi not to take any stress if she does not know the dance. He asks her for dancing if she wants to dance. To saw Amyra Kulfi gets very happy. Kulfi asks her to perform instead her. Tevar finds stupid Kulfi. Amyra was fighting with her own friends.


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