In the latest episode of Star Plus musical drama TV show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Kulfi boards on a bus to go back to her hometown, Chirauli. Mahinder asks police unit to help him finding Kulfi. The inspector tells Mahinder that he has to file a missing complaint of Kulfi. Police unit receives a call on the helpline from the bus conductor of the same bus Kulfi boarded on. A constable tells the inspector that a girl has been traced, who may have run away from her home. The police inspector asks the conductor to send the girl’s picture on their helpline number. He shows the photo to Mahinder, who confirms that she’s their Kulfi.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24th July 2019 episode, the police inspector asks the location of the bus from the bus conductor. The conductor tells the inspector that they will stop for some time at the Goddess temple near the bus station. The police unit leaves for the temple along with Mahinder. Sikander also reached to the temple, where he prays for Kulfi. He joins his both the hands and sits on his keen. He prays to the Goddess to bring his daughter back to him.

The bus stops near the temple for some time. Kulfi arrives at the same temple, where Sikander was praying. Mahinder calls Sikander, but his phone was on silent mode. On the other hand, Loveleen calls to a news channel and keeps her identity anonymous. She tells the outlet to listen to her carefully if they want breaking news for their channel regarding superstar Sikander Singh Gill and his daughter.

Mahinder also arrives at the temple along with the police unit. Kulfi gets back into the bus and sits on her seat. Mahinder sees Sikander at the temple and tells him that Kulfi is near the temple. The two search for Kulfi. Shattered Kulfi wonders why Sikander didn’t tell her the truth. She questions herself if Sikander really loves her. She thinks in her head, “Did Sikander truly love her mother?” Kulfi watches out news on the bus on the screen that Sinkander’s daughter Amyra will sing with him at Jimmy Gazdar’s wedding. She gets shocked to learn the news thinking she left Sikander, and he doesn’t even know about it.

Later, Sikander gets devastated after getting failed to find out his daughter, Kulfi, while a stranger motivates her by saying that the Goddess is with her and that she will teach her how to overcome her sadness. Sikander and Mahinder come back home, where Mahinder tries to console him. Little Kulfi takes an unexpected step when Vikram finds her. Will Kulfi get back to Sikander? Will Kulfi forgive Sikander this time? What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest episode of your favorite Star Plus TV show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and written episodes.


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