Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is the trending TV show streaming in India. The timings of the show are 8:30 and everyone gets ready in front of their TV in order to enjoy the favourite TV show. Now the great twist and turns are seen in the episode which is engaging the audience. We see in the last episode that Kulfi sings and her guru asks her to sing like this also in the show. Kulfi says yes I will give my best. He wishes her All the best. Children say that they can also go to the finale in the competition.

In the Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24th April 2019 episode we see that Amyra comes and accuses them that they cannot win this show. She tells that her dad is training her and she will win. Kulfi says that she should not become overconfident about the fact and we are also practising the good song. Another boy also comes and says he has won many shows and he will this one too. Amyra becomes so scared. Children say that we will also win. Akash says I have never lost any competition. Kulfi says he is Akash Bhaiya. Amyra and Kulfi also start fighting.

Amyra says I also sing well and I will make you lose the show. Akash says you are just a kid of Sikander and I also do not find him a good singer. Amyra and Kulfi start fighting with Akash and Kulfi say that she cannot listen to anything for Sikander. Amyra also performs in the competition. Benaam group comes with the lead singer Kulfi. Sikander blesses her. When Kulfi performs, Sikander starts crying. Sikander and Kulfi start remembering the moments which they have spent together. Everyone looks at her. Then suddenly Kulfi gets a shock and Sikander takes her up and carries her to the hospital and says she is my daughter.


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