In the latest episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 24 September 2018, Tevar tolds Kulfi that they will win the competition. He is ready to do all for her pleasure. He verifies his love for Kulfi to Sikandar.

He considers Tevar was following Kulfi. He does not love Kulfi. Sikandar wanted to found the reality as soon as possible because he didn’t want to break the heart of kulfi. Kulfi and Tevar both win the competition and rejoice with their victory. Sikandar gesture to reach the workshop and know about Tevar. He texts Mohendar about his finding. Mohendar showed his belief in Sikandar and encourage him to found the truth.Image result for kulfi kumar bajewala written episode 21 september 2018

Tevar tolds Kulfi that he has another surprise for her. He got a cow for Kulfi. She gots too happy seeing her village cow Billo back. She likes Tevar’s surprise. She tolds him that he is really a magician for her. She shares more about her past life with Tevar. Kulfi singing and dancing with him.

Lovely reached Tevar and reveals that Sikandar is trying to found their past. She as Tevar for his help to keep their affair truth from coming out. Sikandar wanted to know about Tevar’s girlfriend, which can be solved all the puzzles.

Lovely tells to Tevar that Skandar is sure that he is not Kulfi’s father. She said my marriage will be broken if Sikandar finds out the reality. She asked him to rush to Sikandar and fool him. He scolding her for not considering about him and Kulfi till now. He asks a question that is if she does not care about someone else. H calls her selfish and forbid to help her.
Tevar finishes all ties with Lovely as he is upset with her self-centric behaviour. He tolds her that he will never love her. Lovely tolds him that she doesn’t care for his love, he should leave from her life.


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