In the latest episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 21 September 2018 Tevar dresses as Nimrat. Amrya said that I will my dad proud and you will be a loser, you can never win from me and you do not have your mom too because she is dead, Kulfi felt bad and ran away. Kulfi crying and missing Nirmat.

Tevar walked in and saw Kulfi hidden beneath dining and starts crying, Tevar said do not cry and tell me, Kulfi says because you are my mom died you left ber Amyra is right I can never win over her. Lovely walked to Sikander seeing Mahender and talked to him.

Sikander said well you stopped me because the factory is shut today, Lovely said now look and go to talk Amrya she is upset. Sikander leaves, Mahender said do anything that you wish to Kulfi will be back to her Baba.Image result for kulfi kumar bajewala written episode 20 september 2018

Tevar said that you don’t need to cry for this, do you know whose daughter you are, Kulfi says that she is the daughter of Nimrats, but Tevar said that she is mine too and tolds a story about how Ganesha get elephant face and  said if Mahadev had been there for his face even I will be always there for her.

Lovely said thank you God for saving me and I will donate money but Kulfi does not get back to my house. Lovely said it Tevar I can not talk to you, I have family daughter why do not you together. Tevar said that Kulfi is your daughter too and you will never show any concern for her and today she is crying for her mother because she thinks she is dead and now if you do not participate with her even I won not let you participate with Amrya, Lovely said Guddu I would not let you participate with her. Sikander said I listen lovely and why did she said Guddu and walked to Lovely and asks where is that Guddu. What did he ask you to do?


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