Kulfi says where is all the stuff in that pouch. She starts crying and says where is the things of my maa. Lovely asks what happened. Servant says what was in the pouch. She says my mother’s saree. Roshan Kumar calls Lovely and says how are you and tells that recording is next week. Lovely thinks how will Amyra sing so well. She gets to know that pouch is there and then she gets an idea of not giving the pouch back to Kulfi.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, written episode

Kulfi starts crying. Lovely says do not cry as we will search your mama. Kulfi cries and sings, Sikander listens. Sikander searches for his clothes and Lovely comes to prevent him from seeing the stuff of Kulfi. Lovely says i will choose your clothes today.

Sikander says i do not want to go to work and i should stay here. Lovely asks him to get ready. Kulfi comes and Lovely asks to come for breakfast. Sikander comes smiling. Kulfi sits but Amyra stops her from sitting on any of the chairs. Sikander asks him to sit on the special chair. Amyra becomes angry.

Kulfi sees food but says i do not eat this. Sikander asks what you eat. He says pinni. They becomes very happy.


  • Roshan Kumar tells Sikander about Amyra


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