Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is the trending TV serial which comes on Star Plus and now we are seeing that Sikander has been changed. Another Sikander was seen riding a bicycle and a girl was there who becomes scared that he will fall. Everyone teases her of being coward. She remains quiet. Her name was Pakhi and we see him persuading that little girl as she was so angry. He starts singing. Then Bhola falls and Pakhi becomes scared. Pakhi shouts what happened.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 20th May 2019 episode written updates we are going to experience the confusion of the relationship between Bhola and Sikander. Nandini sees them fighting. She remembers how Sikander was lying on the road and her team took him from there to the hospital. The doctor says that someone is praying for him a lot and that’s why he is alive. She asks who are you and what’s your name. The doctor says that this man has regressed and is behaving like a kid now. She asks if he can become good again. Sikander was seen doing coloring. Nurse brings him home.

Then flashback shows how she persuaded everyone. Sikander was like a child. Pakhi asks if Sikander is her father. He says yes. Pakhi hugs her. She develops an attachment with him and calls him papa. She says I am sorry God as I was not able to become a good mother and she has made Bhola as the father of Pakhi. Pakhi is so happy with Bhola. Nandini says that my daughter misses her father a lot and that’s why I have done this. Kulfi reaches to the temple and cries. She eventually finds out about Sikander. For more updates of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala Episode Updates, stay tuned.


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