In the last episode of Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Sikander says that Kulfi will not sing in anyone’s wedding ceremony. Vikram and Sikander get into a heated argument over whether Kulfi will sing in the wedding ceremony or not. Vikram calls Sikander a hypocrite saying that Kulfi won’t sing in weddings but you and Amyra can sing at a different event at the same wedding. Sikander says that this is false news and that nothing as such will happen. Vikram calls him a liar, just then Amyra arrives there. Vikram asks Sikander to ask her daughter Amyra about it. Amyra tells Sikander that she was about to tell him that they will be performing together at Jimmy Gazdar’s wedding ceremony.

Sikander asks Amyra, who decided it? Amayra tells him that her manager decided this. He gets to know that Loveleen is a manager of Amyra. Amyra tells Sikander that Loveleen is her manage from now onward and that she will call her mom-ager from today. Sikander scolds Amayra saying she’s a kid and that she cannot make these decisions. He then has a word with Loveleen about the matter. Mahinder asks Vikram, what will Kulfi gain by singing at somebody’s wedding ceremony?

Sikander says this is his principle that his daughters and he won’t step into a place where music isn’t respected. Loveleen says that this wedding is different as the entire music industry will be there and that this is the perfect platform for their daughter, Amyra. Sikander says that when he wanted to launch Amyra and Kulfi together, his intention was to bring them closer. He adds, he didn’t want to make his daughters work. He says that this is not a chance for Amyra but this is injustice with Amyra and Kulfi’s childhood.

Loveleen says to Sikander that she will fight anyone to fulfill Amyra’s dream to become a singing superstar. She says that Mahinder and Gunjan are planning Kulfi’s future and Amyra is alone here. Sikander says how can he let his daughters tread the path that he never took to. Later, Kulfi gets ready to sing in Jimmy Gazdar’s wedding. Sikander comes to Mahinder and says that Kulfi will not be happy if she doesn’t sing from her heart and that she isn’t willing to do all this. Mahinder to Sikander that he only wants to push her daughter Amyra ahead by stopping Kulfi. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and written episodes.


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