We have seen that Kulfi returns the pen drive of her song to Lovely. Lovely becomes shock to see Kulfi back. Roshan Kumar’s wife take that pen drive and asks do you sing baby. Kulfi becomes scared. Lovely comes to cover up. Kulfi says i just came here to return this pen drive of my song. Devyani asks him to sing. Lovely says he is a  shy boy and will not sing.

Kulfi was taken by Lovely’s mom and she locks him in the room. Kulfi cries. She thinks she has to meet her Mama at any cost.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, written updates, spoilers

Amyra becomes ready to sing in front of Roshan Kumar. Lovely dims the light and plays the song. Amyra just starts lipsing. Roshan Kumar becomes amazed to see the Amyra as she sang very bad last time. Stay tuned for Kulfi Kumar Bajewala today’s written updates


Amyra tells Sikander that she performed and everybody liked her performance. Lovely covers that up.


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