Tonight’s episode of Star Plus musical drama show starts with Kulfi saying I asked for help to Mata Rani and she is giving me things like the hospital badge, the photograph, and a toy. She thinks what she is supposed to understand from all these hints. Kulfi holds the toy and reads the text written on it. The text reads, “Pakhi Ki Ye Tuk Tuk Car Chalti Hai In Nargis Park.” Kulfi thinks it’s a sig given to her from the Goddess.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 17th May 2019 episode, Johhny drags that toy out of Kulfi’s room in the next morning. Amyra notices that toy and asks her servant to throw that in the garbage too. Kulfi had a bad morning dream and wakes up. When she wakes up, she finds that the toy wasn’t at its place. She starts searching that toy in the house. Kulfi asks Amyra if she has seen her toy anywhere. Amyra says that she doesn’t have any interest in her dirty words and dirty toys, she even calls her a dirty girl. Kulfi says that all the signs are pointing towards Mr. Bhola. She thinks that Pakhi’s toy was the only way to reach him that she has lost.

She prays to her mother to help her in this difficult time. She then notices the toy she was looking for under the garbage bags. She gets happy to find her toy back. On the other hand, Kulfi’s friends discuss what Kulfi is searching for when she has her father. One of her friends says that they have to make Kulfi understand that she is doubting on her father for no reason at all. They decide that if Kulfi will come to them with a new proposal to go somewhere they will refuse her. Kulfi comes to their friends and shows them the toy she stole from the hospital. She asks them to take her to Nargis Park.

Kulfi’s friends refuse to go with her and tells her that they will not support her as what she is doing is wrong. Kulfi says no one is understating me right now. Kulfi says she will go to Nargis Park despite not having support from her friends. One of Kulfi’s friend comes to fake Sikandar and tells him everything that what Kulfi is doing. Her friend tells him that Kulfi thinks he is not Sikandar Singh Gill. Her friend tells Sikandar to not tell this to Kulfi otherwise she will feel betrayed. It would be very interesting to what this fake Sikandar will do to stop Kulfi. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and written episodes.


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