In the latest episode of Kulfi, Kumar Bajewala Sikhander beats Tevar. The episode began with Sikhander ran towards Kulfi and asks a question to her either she likes his gift or not. Sikhander sends the dairy to Kulfi but he has stolen her diary.
Sikander was very upset due to not gave the dairy to the Kulfi. He went to the temple and start praying to the god and asks him to help in finding the truth. He is in a very sad mood and starts crying in front of the god. Sikhander opens his wallet and starts seeing Kulfi picture, after seeing the Kulfi’s picture there is a big smile on his face.Image result for kulfi kumar bajewala written episode 14 september2018

After this, he will get the message and saw Tevar’s old picture. Sikhander starts comparing the picture that he get through the message. But after comparing the picture he said that the picture is current and not an old one. He did not believe in the picture he said that someone lied to him.

Kulfi gets very excited about the aarti and she leaves with Tevar for the pandal. Kulfi was very happy. She starts singing a song and Sikhander angrily looks on the Tevar. Kulfi was fully deeply fallen in the song. She can not saw the angrily face of Sikander. After this Amrya saw that Sikander was continuously looking at Kulfi and asks him to focus on the programme.
Amrya was very upset and feels jealous about seeing Tevar and Kulfi together. Amrya saw every moment and get anger due to seeing Kulfi and Tevar together. Lovely’s mother tolds her to not to take Mohendar in Lightly way.
Sikhander stops Kulfi and Tevar and he told that he needs to talk with him. Tevar sends Kulfi to meet the Bebe and she hugs her. Sikander was very angry to saw all this, he attacks to Tevar and told that he was cheated with him.


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