In the latest episode of Star Plus musical drama TV show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Kulfi tells Sikander that Vikram can’t be her teacher at all as she only accepts Sikander as her teacher. Vikram tells Mia that he is going to train Kulfi from now. He goes on to say that he will make Kulfi a star after which Mia will organize her every show and then they will reveal to the world that Kulfi is Sikander’s illegitimate daughter. Kulfi asks Sikander to make everything fine.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 16th July 2019 episode, Sikander plans a meet up with Vikram and asks him to back off from giving training to Kulfi. Vikram says that SSG’s elder brother Mahinder has given him the responsibility of Kulfi. Sikander asks Vikram to stay away from Kulfi. Vikram asks Sikander to publicly announce that Kulfi is his father and that he will take her responsibility. He blames Sikander for ruining his career.

Sikander has a word with Mahinder. Sikander tells Mahinder that Vikram is not a good man especially when it comes to teaching kids. He says that Vikram harbors enmity against him and that Vikram wants to ruin him. Mahinder refuses to listen Sikander and tells him that they are not brothers as they have become rivals now. Mahinder says that Kulfi is his daughter and he will take care of her. He asks Sikander to not mislead Kulfi.

Sikander tries to make Kulfi wear a heart-shaped locket with a picture of him and Kulfi inside. But Amyra snatches the locket from Sikander and throws it on the floor. Mahinder says to Sikander that Kulfi has never gotten anything from him and that she will not get anything in future either. Sikander says by holding Kulfi’s hand that you can set as many limitations as you want in this house, blackmail me as much as you want and you can provoke Kulfi against me as much as you want, but still, we will stay together. Later, Sikander tries to put some sense into Amyra. He says that he loves both Kulfi and Amyra.


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