Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is the trending TV serial which comes on Star Plus. A new twist is coming now in the show that Sikander has met with an accident and now a new Sikander has come. Kulfi brings all the friends to make them meet Sikander. She doubts that this man is not Sikander. But surprisingly Sikander greets every child and takes their names also. Kulfi becomes shocked. Every child gets so happy. Kulfi says that she has some books for all of them. She remains so silent.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 15th May 2019 written episode updates, we see that Sikander takes children to the music room. Children ask him to sing a song but he says I cannot. Children say that we want to listen to how you play the instruments. Sikander says no I cannot play as I have not practiced it yet. Sikander takes up the instrument and was not able to play this. Kulfi notices this and says my father always played the instruments in tune and he cannot be my father. She starts crying. Kulfi says he can forget himself but not his music. Sikander asks how he played.

Children clap for him as they were scared. Sikander says that I have forgotten everything. He starts crying and says music was my identity and now I do not remember music also. Children get emotional and say why God has done this to you. Kulfi hugs Sikander but then she becomes scared. Kulfi says that when I gave him a hug then I did not felt my dad but there was someone else. Kulfi has proper doubt over this man that he is not her father. She is totally convinced and tries to talk to Amyra that this is not the right man.


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