As in the earlier episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala we saw that how Lovely gets an idea of using voice of Kulfi for Amyra and she manipulates Kulfi. Kulfi becomes ready and have lunch. Lovely talks to her and suddenly falls off. She cries, Kulfi sees her and starts singing to make her happy. Lovely looks at her and thinks how sweet is she singing.

She thinks why Amyra cannot sing like her. Kulfi stops singing and Lovely asks her to continue. Lovely takes her to Music room of Sikander and Kulfi becomes scared before entering to the room as Sikander restricted her from going. Lovely records Kulfi’s voice and Kulfi dances. Sikander listens to voice and comes to the room. Kulfi hides and Lovely takes him away.

kulfi kumar bajewala ,written episode ,15 may

Lovely gives that pen drive of song to Amyra and asks her to learn the lyrics of this sweet song. Amyra says i won’t and i will tell Daddy what you are asking me to do. Amyra runs and Lovely follow her. Lovely manipulates again Amyra that you are prepared yet and you have to give audition for this Roshan Kumar.

Lovely’s mom says that please do not say this as when Sikander get to know this then he will surely get mad. Amyra panicks. Lovely says that why are you scaring my daughter. Amyra says who sang this song. Her mom also asks who sang this song. Lovely says this does not matters.

Kulfi and servant talks and says that please eat this food as you helped me. Kulfi says i asked Lovely madam to bring this food. Servant says how you made Lovely madam so caring. He says that i prayed from matarani and that is why. Servant says i know that prayer has more strength but not this much. He adds that there is something you are hiding from me. Kulfi says yes you are intelligent but i cannot tell you that as this is personal talk of Lovely madam and me.

Kulfi goes to Lovely and Lovely asks servants to search for his pouch. Kulfi asks if they have seen that. Servant says he took that pouch and suddenly it disappeared. Kulfi becomes disheartened and cries.


  • Lovely asks Kulfi to leave
  • Roshan Kumar sees Kulfi


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