Kulfi and Lovely plays and Lovely falls. Kulfi starts dancing and singing. Lovely smiles and thinks how sweet he sings. He stops singing and Lovely asks why did you stop, keep singing. Kulfi sings and Lovely thinks she should record his voice. Sikander comes there but then does not enters the room. Sikander goes to the Amyra and gives her ice cream.

Lovely takes Kulfi to the music room and records the voice of Kulfi. Sikander listens to the song and thinks who is singing. Kulfi remembers her mother and sings in sad voice. Lovely also gets emotional. Sikander goes to the room and Kulfi continues singing. Kulfi cries. Lovely thinks she that wish Amyra also could like this and she could proudly tell everyone about her daughter.

Kulfi kumar bajewala, written episode

Kulfi says you were recording my voice. Lovely says because when you will leave then i will miss you and i will not be able to listen to your song. Lovely manipulates Kulfi that she does not have to tell anybody that you sing as i will show this recording to Sikander on a special occasion. Lovely says we will not tell anybody about our personal talks.

Sikander comes in the room and sees Lovely. Kulfi hides behind the sofa. Sikander asks why you are here. He says what happened. Lovely takes him and says i want to talk to you. Lovely says she has decided that she will not fight with him anymore and we will present ourselves as the happy couple in front of Amyra as she is getting disturbed because of our fights. Sikander becomes so happy.

He hugs her. He becomes so satisfied and glad.


  • Lovely asks Amyra to learn all the lyrics of this sweet song which she has recorded. Amyra says no i will not and i am going to tell Dadda that what mom is doing. Keep reading for more updates of Kulfi kumar bajewala.


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