Kulfi cries and she is abandoned and now she is lost. She picks up a flower and says i will blow this flower and it will reach to them. Sikander says have you seen Kulfi. He becomes so tensed and asks everyone. One person says you should go to police as they will investigate better. Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 14 June 2018 Written episode

Kulfi runs and Sikander also runs. Sikander starts the car and Amyra gets tensed. Amyra thinks if he will get to know that i asked him to go then Sikander will kill me. Amyra sees Kulfi and tells Sikander that there is Kulfi. Sikander gets so happy and runs towards him. He shouts his name and runs. Kulfi also runs towards him. Amyra sees them. Sikander lifts Kulfi up and hugs.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, written updates, Kulfi Kumar Bajewala episode

He becomes so relaxed. Kulfi says why you left me. Sikander says i am so sorry that i left you. Sikander says i and Amyra was so tensed. Amyra gets scared that if Kulfi will tell dada that i asked him to go then what will happen. But Kulfi says nothing and tells him that it is his mistake and he will never do it again.

Sikander asks Kulfi to have water. Kulfi drinks water. Amyra asks what are those people doing. Sikander says they are celebrating eid. Amyra says what is this. Sikander says eid is the festival and all people hug each other. Sikander tells that we have celebrated eid a lot and ate biryani a lot. He tells that he and his brother collected eidi a lot and ate sewiya.

Amyra says can we celebrate eid. Sikander says of course why not. We will celebrate eid this time and They both gets happy. Kulfi says i am so happy.


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