Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 11th June 2019 episode starts with Bhola asking Kulfi to leave from Pakhi’s house. He also said that he doesn’t like Kulfi. Kulfi cried and went from there with her friends. Loveleen arrived to pick up Amyra and Kulfi from Karate class. Chandan’s man was about to call Chandan to tell him that Kulfi isn’t there, but she managed to come on time and got into a car with Loveleen and Amyra. Loveleen took children to home and then dialed the number she finds in Chandan’s phone. She called on that number and asked who’s number is this. Chandan came to his man and heard Loveleen’s voice on the phone and told his man to disconnect the call by saying ‘the wrong number.’

In tonight’s episode of Kulfi Kumar Bajewala, Chandan got to know that Loveleen suspects her husband now. He decided to do something to save himself. Amyra came to Loveleen telling her today’s homework is a project. She said that she wants to make a photo collage for which she needs photos of her childhood. Amyra’s homework gave Kulfi an idea. She decided to take her father’s pictures to Bhola to remind him of his past. Kulfi determined to save her father and help him recollect everything. On the other hand, Chandan decided to use Sikander’s elder brother to save himself from Loveleen’s doubt.

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Kulfi collected some of her and Sikander’s pictures in her bag. Kulfi was leaving from the house just then Amyra stopped her and asked if she’d seen Sikander’s photos. Amyra said that most of her dad’s photos are missing. Loveleen came there and asked Amyra why she used her card for online shopping without her permission. Amyra got upset with her mother and walked away.

Kulfi arrived at Pakhi’s house again to meet Bhola, where Pakhi and her gang including Bhola, attacked Kulfi with paper balls and water guns. Kulfi scold them and asked Bhola to listen to her. Kulfi struggled to remind Bhola of his past. Loveleen told Sikander’s elder brother about Chandan’s drug addiction; she also told him about the old lady named Kamla (Chandan’s mother). Loveleen suggested that they should take Sikander (Chandan) to a clinic or a rehabilitation center to get him out of the drug habit.

Sikander’s elder brother told Loveleen that Sikander isn’t a drug addict; in fact, his friend Chandan is a drug addict and that Sikander and Chandan are friends. He said Sikander is recovering. Kulfi took out her and Sikander’s photos of her bag and showed to Bhola. Pakhi threw all pictures on the floor just then Nandini’s mother arrived home and misled Kulfi. Later on, a suspicious Chandan spotted Kulfi near Nargis Park. What will happen next? Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favorite TV show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and written episodes.


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