Tonight’s episode of Star Plus’ musical TV show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala starts with Chhote Ji handover a CD of his recording to Chandan; he asks Chandan to give to his producer friend so that they will get some money from it. Chandan calls his man and asks him to have an eye on Kulfi. Kulfi and her friends trick Chandan’s man, and she arrives at Pakhi’s home where she notices Sikandar playing outside of the house. Kulfi says, please listen to me. Sikander gets scared of her as Pakhi told him that Kulfi is a witch who will hurt him. Pakhi arrives there and asks Kulfi to leave. Kulfi asks Sikander why he’s not listening to her? Sikander says that he’s Bhola and that he is a father of Pakhi only.

In Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 11th June 2019 episode, Rocket tells Kulfi that Chandan’s men are searching for Sikander in Nargis Park and that they need to save Sikander from the goons. On the other hand, Nandini arrives at Holly Hospital, where she meets Kamla (Chandan’s ill mother). She asks Kamla is someone from her family is with her. Kamla doesn’t respond to Nandini’s questions and calls Chandan’s name several times. Nandini wonders who is Chandan. Kulfi and her friends trick Chandan’s men in Nargis Park into saving Sikander’s life. Kufi says, how shall I talk to Sikandar when he doesn’t recognise me. They make a plan to make Sikander remember everything.

Rocket says to Kulfi that Sikander has forgotten everything and that we can try to make him recollect everything. Kulfi and her friends disguise themselves to meet Sikander (Bhola) at Pakhi’s home. However, little Pakhi recognises Kulfi. Pakhi provokes Sikander against Kulfi. Pakhi asks Kulfi to go away and never come back. Kulfi cries as Sikander refused to recognise her. Loveleen checks Sikander’s phone and notices that he has dialled the same number multiple times. Stay tuned with us for all the latest updates of your favourite Star Plus show Kulfi Kumar Bajewala and written episodes.


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