Kulfi shivering and calling for Sikhander while sleeping, never checks and he finds that Kulfi has high fever, to see kulfi’s high fever he gets upset, Master went to call doctor, Tevar stab to wake her up and she gots feverish and calls in very soft voice, Sikhander sees lovely’s phone and asks why is Tevar calling you so late, disconnects , talk to him might be Kulfi needs your help Sikhander said this to Tevar, I will stay with you with Amyra Lovely said, that calls back and told are you out of your mind her situation is out of his hand Bhabhi Ji feels so sad and Tevar told that to forget all that our daughter needs you she has high fever, told in a Lovely way to his that she needs for doctor so that she get well she has no need for me.


Told in a Lovely way this Kulfi someone tossing her away from my life. Sikhander walks to lovely and asks her what did Tevar said to Kulfi all right, told in a Lovely way yes, she is searching hard to sleep and new place you see, I castigate her very badly Sikander say this.Image result for kulfi kumar bajewala

Be in cool and fresh minded lovely said that she is a kid, Sikhander told she would not be able to adjust , Lovely said she has to , that refers I mean they are father, Daughter and family and so they had to get along and sees at Amyra that she will need time too, after all, she went through I’m so worried for her and hugs Sikander.

Doctor asks question to Tevar to calm down first and then told that it was Kulfi in some stress, aid Tevar what shall be I told you poor and bad things is so hurt, be cool and calm down Doctor says, just put some cold strips of cloth on her forehead and she will get well very soon.


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