Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is one of the highest TRP rating TV Serial. the serial rocks in 2018. There are so many followers who follow the daily update of the episode. The show gets positive reactions towards the viewers. The serial Kulfi Kumar Bajewala is a beautiful story of a father and a daughter.

Kulfi Kumar Bajewala 10th January 2019, written episode update starts with Amyrah and Kulfi both were setting the mood of the party with their interesting games. They both are very happy. But another two of the member are sad and they are Gunjan and Tony. They are tensed due the chit bowl goes missing. Amyrah and Kulfi perform to fight so that Lovely and Sikander sing a beautiful song as a team. The songs loved by so many people.

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The New Year sets in and everyone begins wishing each other. There is a beautiful smile on the face of every member. Lovely and Sikander also hug and wish each other. Amyrah and Kulfi are very happy to see them together. The couple sings an awesome song together. Gunjan comes to Kulfi and told her that someone has called her over the phone.

Gunjan has placed a camera in Kulfi’s room. She calls Kulfi pretending as Santa Claus. Innocent Kulfi falls prey in her trap and reveals her happiness to see the Lovely and Sikander together. Kulfi reveals about the friendship. She also tells about all their plans. Everyone at outside including Lovely and Sikander is seeing and listening to what all Kulfi is saying. To listen and saw the video everyone gets shocked. Gunjan also tries to take advantage of the situation. She blames Lovely for using Amyrah to meet her ends. Lovely takes Amyrah away. Kulfi gets shocked. Lovely questions Amyrah if she is a bad mother and if she wants to live with her or not.


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