The episode starts with Jai and Vaani indulges in a fight. Vaani came to know that Jay has killed everyone and he has also obtained the powers of Maarkat. Jay reveals his identity to change himself in the Maarkat. Jay uses deception on Vanni and freezes her by throwing a potion, now she is not even able to move. Suddenly Veer comes and Jay sees that and disappears. Veer sees that Vani is standing in the middle of the road. Veer thought that this could be my imagination. Veer hits Vani and doesn’t look back. Tapish is worried about Veer and other family members also worry about him. Shukla comes and says someone has changed the destiny of Veer.

Naagin 5

Veer’s father warns Shukla that does everything to save Veer from this. Vani is unable to move and lying on her bed. She thinks of saving her child and Veer. Jay comes to Veer’s house as Shukla. Meera asks him about his next step. He says that we need to save Vani and Veer and he asks everyone to close their eyes. He ties everyone with a black thread. Veer is continuously disturbed by those crying voices of kids. Meera recognizes that he is not Shukla but Jay who has trapped them. Veer goes to the jungle and follows that voice.

He sees that Vani is lying on the bed and not responding. He says that he feels some connection when he comes close to her. He cries and his tears touch Vaani. He leaves the room and Vaani gains her consciousness. She runs behind Veer and Jay stops her. He says that he has thrown Veer and he is dead now. Meera tells everyone that Jay has done all this so we cannot help Vaani and Veer. Vani gets angry and tries to kill Jay. Jay says that now you have no option left.

I have killed everyone who ever wanted to support you. He says that I will kill your husband Veer now. He advised her to pray for those people and now get ready to die. Vani says that everyone warned me that this story will change in Satyug and now I will kill you. Jay says that you can kill Aadinaag but not Market. Vani helps Veer and says that she is not a stalker. Veer regain his memory and apologize to her.

Veer gives her new clothes to wear. Jay comes to them and warns them that they both will die here. Veer tries to save her but Vani says that she loves her and will die with him. Vani informs her that she is pregnant. Vaani says that our child will not die as Frishta has promised her. Veer’s family arrives there and tries to help them. To know more about this episode stay connected to us.


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