The episode starts with the family having food together. Then Mami tries to start a conversation with the family. Ishwari asks Ayush to eat well but he refuses to have food and leave the table. Soha asks Mami why didn’t Golu come to meet us. Ishwari comes to Ayush and makes him feed with her hands. Soha asks Ishwari that I want to eat Besan Halwa but Ishwari doesn’t pay attention.

Kuch Rang Pyaar Ke Aise Bhi 21st July 2021

She asks her to tell Sonakshi to make for her. She takes Ishwari’s phone with her and calls to Golu and complaints to him about Ayush. Goku says that wait for her to return and they will teach him a lesson he will never forget.

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Soha feels happy to hear that. Ayush says that I have eaten a lot now I cannot even have a bite. Ishwari doesn’t listen to her and forcefully make him eat more food. Sonakshi watches all this and says that why is she forcing him to eat more when he is already full. She asks her that are you finding your own son in Ayush?

Sona asks Ayush what do you like the most to eat as I will cook for you. Ayush says that I like the food made by my Dadi. Sonakshi asks him to have Sondhesh. Ayush eats and Sonakshin asks him if he liked it or not. Sonakshi leaves the place as Shubh and Suhana started fighting so she goes to solve their fight.

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Ayush feels ignored at that time and Dev tells Sonakshi that Mr. & Mrs. Varma wants to meet Suhana and Sonakshi gets scared to hear that. She starts crying and says that I don’t want Suhana to go with them. Ayush misses his parents and cry in his room. Soha gets an update to see Aayush crying and tells him.

Dev is trying to make Sonakshi to understand that the couple is coming to meet us only. The further formalities will take time. He says that he has already allowed them to meet him. Dev starts a conversation over Soha and Ayush’s school. They are really about their studies. Soha tells Dev that they need to send them to the different schools. She also complained about Ayush’s behaviour and study. Dev asks about sending Sona and Ayush to their parent’s house. Ayush says that he doesn’t have parents and leave from there. Sonakshi makes Soha understand that they have to go. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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