Krishna does the aarti. Krishna Chali London episode is based on the dreams of a girl who cannot fulfill it without permission of her father. The episode starts with Krishna sitting on the chair. Radhe’s father flaunts that her daughter in law can tell the capital of every country. He asks his friend to rotate the globe and select a country.

That friend goes to the globe and was unable to read even the country. Then Krishna tells him and everyone remains silent. She tells the capital of that country.

Krishna Chali London. Krishna Chali London. written updates

He says that let me ask you the question. He asks questions from Krishna. Krishna tells all the answers to his questions. His friends say that this daughter in law is educated but you all are illiterate. Then they all taunt them. Then Krishna starts to say that education is not all that matters and nobody can do what Shukla ji has done and this is not a child’s play to operate 4 petrol pumps and ration shops.

She continues to fight and then that man says that wow Shukla ji you got a daughter in law who talks a lot and now she will rule the house so you should ask her everything before doing anything. Shukla ji becomes angry that she spoke.

Shukla asks his wife to keep Krishna quiet. Shukla says i will tell them the answers.



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