in the episode Krishna Chali London Krishna’s mother in law asks Krishna to be in ghunghat. They both starts fighting. Krishna says i will not do this much and how i will be able to see and walk. Krishna’s mother in law forces her. They walks and Krishna collides with Radhe. Mother asks to collide again. She asks Krishna to take water tray and start moving.

Krishna Chali London, written updates, Krishna Chali London written episode

All women come and greet them. Women make fun of her as she has put a long ghunghat and maybe Shukla’s now have a defected bahu and they all laughs. She collides with some ladies and water gets spilled. She says I am sorry. They gets angry and says we knew your daughter in law is so fast and she only knows to argue with elders,

They ask her to sing a bhajan. She becomes sad and angry. She says i do not know how to sing. She then remembers one song and starts smiling. She says okay i will sing. She sings a funny song and everyone laughs.


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