Like all days, EuroCup 2021-22 is back with some fabulous matches of the league. Maybe, the matches of the league is not going to end in the recent days because every team is ready to play further matches and they are showing their excellent performance on the basketball court.

KRA vs ABT Live Score

Once again, the league is back with another match and it will be interesting to watch that team on the basketball court. So, tonight, another match is about to take place between team Kuban Krasnodar (KRA) and team Aquila Basket Trento (ABT) in this league. Fans are too excited to watch this upcoming match.

KRA vs ABT Live Score

Through this article, we like to share some important details of the match before the match begins because many fans are going to the arena to watch the live match and searching for important details such as time, date, venue, league, squad, and lineups players as well but the most important thing is a prediction of the match and we will also share this information in this article.

Along with this, both teams have played 5 matches in this league and are ready for another match once again. So, are you ready to watch this excellent match tonight.

KRA vs ABT: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Kuban Krasnodar (KRA) vs Aquila Basket Trento (ABT)
  • League:- EuroCup 2021-22
  • Venue:- Basket Hall Krasnodar (Krasnodar)
  • Datel:- Wednesday, December 8, 2021
  • Time:- 10:00 PM IST & 04:30 PM (GMT)

KRA vs ABT: Team Squad

Kuban Krasnodar (KRA):- Zakhar Vedishchev, Alexandr Shcherbenev, Darius Thompson, Errick McCollum, Andrei Martiuk, Alan Williams, Sergei Dolinin, Stanislav Ilnitskiy, Stanton Kidd, Johnathan Motley, Ivan Paunic, Valerii Kalinov, Quinn Cook, Greg Whittington, Vladislav Emchenko, and Kirill Elatontsev.

Aquila Basket Trento (ABT):- Toto Forray, Richard Ygor-Morina, Mourtada Gaye, Wesley Saunders, Diego Flaccadori, Cameron Reynolds, Maximilian Ladurner, Desonta Bradford, Luca Conti, Jordan Caroline, Lorenzo DellAnna, Andrea Mezzanotte, Johnathan Williams, Luka Rudovic, and Lorenzo Zangheri.

KRA vs ABT: Lineups Player

Kuban Krasnodar (KRA):- Johnathan Motley, Darius Thompson, Errick McCollum, Andrei Martiuk, Stanislav Ilnitskiy, Alexandr Shcherbenev, Stanton Kidd, and Alan Williams,

Aquila Basket Trento (ABT):- Johnathan Williams, Cameron Reynolds, Luca Conti, Jordan Caroline, Desonta Bradford, Wesley Saunders, Maximilian Ladurner, and Diego Flaccadori.

KRA vs ABT: Match Prediction

It seems that the match is going to be played between two opposing teams because they are different from each other. As per the sources, team KRA is at 2nd spot with 4 victories and 1 lost match out of 5 matches, and on the other side, team ABT is at 9th spot with just 1 victory out of 5 matches. If we focus on the previous performance so, team KRA has more chances to win this match tonight.


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