KR Gouri Amma, the famous architect of land reforms in Kerala has been passed away today at the age of 102 years. She is one of the longest-serving legislators, reports said she was died at a private hospital in Thiruvananthpuram due to the uncertain age-related health issue & ailments. After the news, everyone starts giving tribute to the personality and lady who gave her life to the land reforms of Kerala with the support of her great excellence and knowledge.

kr gouri amma

Even she helmed the key revenue ministry and drafted the Kerala Agrarian Relations Act for ownership of land to peasants. If we talk about her husband. So she got married to TV Thomas and both were the first couple in a Kerala govt. She was the six-time minister and 12 times elected for assembly elections.

KR Gouri Amma was the founding member of the Communist Party of India (Marxist), or CPI (M), when the CPI splits in 1964 due to ideological differences. But Thomas remained and support CPI. Unfortunately her husband T V Thomas was passed away in 1977 due to Cancer.

In the year 1980 Amma served her best knowledge as the industry minister in EK Nayanar govt. It was one of the popular works did by her. Even she was associated with the labour movement as well and jailed and suffered torture when the party was banned.

KR Gouri Amma Wiki Age

Name: KR Gouri Amma
Age: 102 as of May 2021
Gender: Female
Occupation: Architect, Minister, Social Worker, Politician
Education: Architect
Death: May 11, 2021
Death Cause: Age-related health issue

Everywhere everyone getting shocked after knowing about her death. There are many people who shared feelings and tribute her with the marvelous prayer for her soul and sharing great work on social media. She gave her best in many things whether it was a fight for rights, improving Kerala and made it a new world for Kerala people. One of the Twitter users shared a heart-touching post “She made seminal contributions in building the Communist movement & as an administrator. Let’s show respects, by pledging to build a more progressive society. Red Salute!,”


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