Who Is Kos Lee? Molly Cheng Minnesota Drowning Case Story: It is shocking that domestic violence turned into a homicide case. As per the source, a 27 years old man named Kos Lee took his own life after fighting with his wife named Molly Cheng on 1st July 2022. Kos Lee is said to have committed suicide and died on July 1st after a feud with his wife. This case become a hot topic on the internet when kids Kos Lee and Molly Cheng were also found dead following the demise of their father. As per the source, a four years old child of Kos Lee was found dead in a neighbor’s lake around 7:30 PM after the death of his father. There is a lot more to learn about this news. Keep reading this and fetch the information related to it. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com

Kos Lee

Who Is Kos Lee?

The deceased child was found drowned in the Vadnais Lake after the death of Kos Lee. Meanwhile, the Quadrillion, a four years of age child of Kos Lee was attempted to be revived but the medical team could make his heart initiate again. After the demise of Quadrillion, another child of Kos Lee was found dead after midnight on the lake. The other deceased was identified as Phoenix. Pheonix was said to be five years old when he was found dead near the lake.

While investigating the case and searching for the whereabouts of Kos Lee’s children and wife the investigators spotted Kos Lee’s wife’s car, car key, and his children’s clothes on the east shore of the lake. In the morning when the investigation was started again by investigators they found the corpses of Kos Lee’s wife and his children. It is very devastating to hear about the deaths of Kos Lee and his family. People have been stunned after listening to this news. A total number of 5 people lost their lives in this case.

At first, the father took his own life, and later his wife decided to finish the chapter completely and she killed all their children after this, she also took her own life. As per the source, police officers found Kos Lee’s wife’s car around 6:23 PM near the lake. His wife was a tattoo artist and the mother of three children. Their children’s names were Phoenix Lee, Quadrillion T. Lee, and Estella Zoo Siab Lee, they were aged 5, 4, and 3 respectively. The main cause of death of three children is drowning and smothering.


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