There is a big volume of searches that have been appeared on the internet to know when Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2 will come to entertain everyone. So far, any official confirmation has not arrived yet and everyone just eagerly waiting to know some key details related to the upcoming season.

komi can't communicate seaosn 2

Let us tell you that the announcement by some officials will be going to take place when the final episode of the first season will be aired in Japan. As all of us know that it is a very brilliant and super hit Manga series in Japan that always remains in the headlines because of its amazing story and moments.

After seeing the success and amazing story of the series, Netflix has started streaming it weekly and helped it to get more popular internationally. Talking about the announcement, the officials have shared a video to confirm the arrival of the second season. Komi Communicate season two has been given a general release window of 2022. So far, no exact date of this amazing season has been provided by the makers and it is assumed that it will be going to hit the internet latter half of the year.

Let us also tell you that Netflix streamed the first season of Komi Can’t Communicate in over 190 countries with eight different dubbed translations and over 30 sub translations. As all of us already know that Netflix is one of the biggest OTT giants where millions of people continuously watch web series and movies after paying a small amount of subscription.

Komi Can’t Communicate focuses on Shouko Komi, a girl who has everything on the outside. With her classmates’ stoic attractiveness and perceived delicate elegance, Komi’s popularity at her new personal high school soars without end.

Secondary protagonist Hitohito Tadano is a fellow classmate who sits next to Komi and one day realizes that Komi has a severe communication disorder. After befriending Komi, Tadano drives it his high school dream to help Komi make 100 friends in high school.

Now, the upcoming season will be going to show another interesting level of story and engage uncounted people to watch the full season. If you are also eager to watch the second season of the show then it will be going to release later the half-year of 2022 and it will be actually very enthralling to see the further story of the season.


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