Denmark Women’s Handball League is ready with one more match and maybe, the fans are also ready to support their favorite team or players in the handball court. Again, the match will come with lots of amazing skills and talents of the players because they have already played several matches in this league and because of this, the fans are waiting to watch another match.


It will be interesting to watch the next match of the league because tonight, team Kobenhavn Handbold Women(KOB-W) and team Nykobing Falster HK (NKF) will face off each other on the handball court to show their excellent skills to the opposite players and win the match.

KOB-W vs NKF Live Score

Lots of amazing things will be seen inside the match because both teams have played 9 matches in this league but their performance was not enough good. According to each other, team NKF played well because of their gameplay in the last 3 matches. On the other side, team KOB-W lost their last matches but another match before they won.

So, this match will also decide that what will happen next. Along with this, if you want to support or watch this match, you can buy the tickets of the match to watch in the court. Check more details here of the match.

KOB-W vs NKF: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Kobenhavn Handbold Women(KOB-W) vs Nykobing Falster HK (NKF)
  • League:- Denmark Handball League (Bambusa Kvindeligaen Women)
  • Venue:- Not Mentioned Yet
  • Date:- Wednesday, November 3, 2021
  • Time:- 12:30 AM IST

KOB-W vs NKF: Team Squad

Kobenhavn Handbold Women(KOB-W):- Johanna Bundsen, Amalie Milling, Louise Fons, Olivia Mellegard, Clara Skott, Anne Tolstrup, Andrea Hansen, Maria Lykkegaard, Sofia Hvenfelt, Mikaela Massing, Karoline Lund, Chrisitina Wildbork, Clara Essemann-Beck, Melissa Petren, Larissa Nusser, Maria Hjertner, Hanna Blomstrand, and Clara Skyum Thomsen.

Nykobing Falster HK (NKF):- Louise Egestorp, Cecilie Greve, Elma Halilcevic, Sofie Alnor, Charlotte Lund Mikkelsen, Sofie Olsen, Ida Winding, Johanna Forsberg, Nikita van der Vliet, Johanna Westberg, Emilie Steffensen, Sofie Flader, Lykke Frank Hansen, Jo Nielsen, Amalie Wuliff, Mia Svele, Kristina Kristiansen, Alberte Kielstrup Madsen, and Celine Lundbye Kristiansen.

KOB-W vs NKF: Lineups Players

Kobenhavn Handbold Women(KOB-W):- Amalie Milling, Olivia Mellegard, Andrea Hansen, Sofia Hvenfelt, Clara Skyum Thomsen, Larissa Nusser, and Clara Essemann-Beck.

Nykobing Falster HK (NKF):- Cecilie Greve, Sofie Alnor, Sofie Olsen, Nikita van der Vliet, Emilie Steffensen, Amalie Wulff, and Celine Lunbye Kristiansen.

KOB-W vs NKF: Match Prediction

Both teams have played many matches but it seems that their performance was not enough good. As per the reports, team NKF has played 9 matches in which they won 5 matches and lost 4 matches out of 9 matches.

On the other side, team KOB-W has played 9 matches in which they won 4 matches and lost 4 matches. They are standing on the 7th spot while team NKF is in the 6th spot. According to the sources, team NKF has more chances to win this match against a rival team.


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