Popular Denmark Women’s League is ready with another match of the league and it will be the 8th match for both of the teams. Well, the point table is showing the amazing gameplay and every team has played their 7 matches and now, another match will take place between two powerful teams of the league.

KOB-W vs HER-W Live Score

The league is coming with back-to-back matches this year and tonight, team Copenhagen Women (KOB-W) and team Herning-Ikast Women (HER-W) will face off each other on the handball court to show their excellent skills and performance to their fans. They have already gained a huge fan following across the world due to their gameplay.

KOB-W vs HER-W Live Score

Now, another match of the league will show some most powerful and fantastic women’s player who has played some of the best matches in this league. Fans are searching for information on the Internet regarding the match and in this article, you will get all the updates of the match.

You can also watch this match on the handball court as the tickets are available and the arena gates are now open for all the fans. The match will take place at Frederiksberg-Hallerne under the Denmark Women League 2021-22. You can check more details of the match in this article.

KOB-W vs HER-W: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Copenhagen Women (KOB-W) vs Herning-Ikast Women (HER-W)
  • League:- Denmark Women’s League
  • Venue:- Frederiksberg-Hallerne
  • Date:- Monday, October 18, 2021
  • Time:- 11:30 PM IST

KOB-W vs HER-W: Team Names

Copenhagen Women (KOB-W):- Johanna Bundsen, Amalie Milling, Louise Fons, Olivia Mellegard, Clara Skott, Anne Tolstrup, Andrea Hansen, Maria Lykkegaard, Sofia Hvenfelt, Mikaela Massing, Karoline Lund, Christina Wildbork, Clara Essenmann-Beck, Melissa Petren, Larissa Nusser, Maria Hjertner, Hanna Blomstrand, and Clara Skyum Thomsen.

Herning-Ikast Women (HER-W):- Jessica Ryde, Mathilde Romer, Sabine Englert, Naja Nissen Kristensen, Emma Friis, Cecilie Brandt, Line mai Hougaard, Vilde Johansen, Sarah Iversen, Julie Scaglione, Tyra Axner, Ingvild Bakkerud, Olivia Simonsen, Emma Lindqvist, Simone Cathrine Petersen, Sonja Frey, and Stine Skogrand.

KOB-W vs HER-W: Lineups Players

Copenhagen Women (KOB-W):- Amalie Milling, Olivia Mellegard, Andrea Hansen, Sofia Hvenfelt, Christina Wildbork, Clara Skyum Thomsen and Larissa Nusser.

Herning-Ikast Women (HER-W):- Sabine Englert, Emma Friis, Line mai Hougaard, Sarah Iversen, Sarah Iversen, Simone Cathrine Petersen, and Stine Skogrand.

KOB-W vs HER-W: Match Prediction

The match is about to start within a few hours and fans are going excited to watch this amazing match on the screens and as well as on the court. Team KONB-W has played 7 matches and won just 2 matches, They are standing on the 9th position with 5 points.

On the other side, team HER-W is standing on the 2nd position. They have played 7 matches in which they won 6 matches and lost a single match. As per the expert’s prediction, team HER-W has more chances to win this match.


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