Who Is knucklebumpfarms On Tiktok? Viral Video And Emmanuel The Emu On Florida: There has been a heartwarming video that has been going around the internet and is being loved by many people on the internet. You must have heard of the phrase that nature can heal anything. Well, this phrase has been proven by the woman in the video whose name is Taylor Blake as she is portrayed in the amazing video with Knuckle Bump Farms. Follow More Updates On UptoBrain.com


Who Is knucklebumpfarms On Tiktok?

If you don’t know what Knuckle bump farms are then let me tell you it is the farm where the Emu has been getting famous on the internet. He is also called Emmanuel. The video was first uploaded on TikTok and since then it has been getting known to a huge number of people on the internet, especially on TikTok. Taylor and Knuckle Bump Farms have been featured in that video and it is a really wholesome video to watch.

Knuckle Bump Farms is a hobby farm that has been owned by Taylor who is a beautiful lady. The farm was introduced by her on the internet to educate the netizens on the way of living of farm animals. As she went and showed more content about her farm she started getting famous on the platform she had been posting videos on. This made people curious to know more about her lifestyle as well.

@knucklebumpfarms Viral Video

Usually, there are only a few farm animals, however, Blake has added a wide variety of animals to her farm. She makes videos of her interactions with emus, deer, and cows. Knuckle bump farms have been in the spotlight for a long and have earned more than a million followers on TikTok ever since, 2016, when the account was created.

However, there had been questions that Blake has been asked for a long time and it was if she ever wore anything else besides her farm apparel. She replied without saying anything by wearing regular clothes which got surprising for the fans. She posted the video of her regular clothes on Twitter and it went and spread all over the internet. She also has 453k followers on Twitter.

Now, let’s talk about Emmanuel, the emu who is slowly turning into a star and is the show stopper for the Knuckle bump farms. In the videos made by Blake, Emmanuel is undoubtedly the most loved animal on her farm on the internet. It also seems like he also enjoys taking over the spotlight. The farm run by Blake Taylor, known as Knuckle Bump Farms is situated in Southern Florida. You can stay tuned for more amazing info.


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