There are several misconceptions in our universe which people believe and trust easily even today. Funny but true and this article is going to be all about the world’s most contagious myths of our universe.

We live in an age of the internet where lots and lots of information is available that we can possibly consume in several lifetimes is at our fingertips. But have you ever thought what makes it more cliché the myths people carry? There’s a lot to cover, so here are some of the important and big myths.

Know the interesting misconceptions about the universe

  1. MSG is not good for you.

This myth was cover by a paper published about MSG in the 1960s but came into attention when the popular actor, Lorne Green collapsed outside a Chinese restaurant in 1972, that’s when people started to believe this myth. The flavor was demonized for decades and extensive testing failed to show any specific links between MSG and negative health effects (unless the person is particularly sensitive to it).

  1. Evolution is just a theory.

People believe that apes evolved by the time and turned into humans but actually, it is a theory, but without a ‘just’ in it. According to science, a theory is an idea passed through the toughest tests that researchers can throw at it and that guy has lived to tell the stories about that.

  1. Shaving thickens hair.

Is someone says you this never ever believe that guy? As this misconception is actually known by the scientist since 1920s.

It might feel that your hair is growing thicker and darker after a shave but that is because of the shape of the stubble that grows back, though its blunt end feels hard to the touch, as soon as hair grows out the end tapers and it gets softer once more.

Believe it or not but you all have been living with some serious misconceptions throughout your life till now.


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