Hey fans, are you ready to watch one more amazing football match at the stadium. Yes, today the enthusiasm match is ready to appear on your TV screen because Asian Champions League 2021 is ready to show you one more exciting match today. The league has already come with lots of matches and tonight, two more teams will face each other on the ground. Today, team Kitchee SC (KIT) and team Port FC (POR) will face off each other on the football ground and give a hard battle to each other. For very long days, the fans were waiting to watch them on the ground, and today, the day has come for them. They are ready to show you some skills including their talent and gameplay as well.

KIT vs POR Live Score

In this article, you will get to know many more details of the upcoming match because many fans are searching for important information about the match like where it will be played, when it will be started, and which team has more chances to win this match? So, as per the information, the match will be played at Chang Arena (Buriram) under the 2021 AFC Champions League. Along with this, we will provide you some more details like squad, date, time, venue, league, probable lineups player, and match prediction. So, get ready to watch this match on the screen.

KIT vs POR: Match Details

  • Team Names:- Kitchee SC (KIT) vs Port FC (POR)
  • League:- 2021 AFC Champions League
  • Venue:- Chang Arena (Buriram)
  • Date & Time:- Thursday, June 24, 2021, at 07:30 PM IST

KIT vs POR: Team Squad

Kitchee SC (KIT):- Z. Wang, J Guo. Paulo Cesar. Sean Tse, J. Park, Helio, Thomas, A. Dujardin, D. Cancela, T. Law, K. Tong, C. Benhaddouche, R. Baena, M. Swainston, Roberto, Y. Huang, C. Ngan, C. Ho, Cleiton, C. Cheng, B. Braunshtain, S. Ichikawa, Y. Ju, Wellingsson, S. Chan, Y. Yu, S. Buddle, K. Chang, H. Tong, M. Gavilan, D. Damjanovic, Matt Orr, and A. Akande.

Port FC (POR):- W. Srisupha, R. Songsangchan, W. Buathong, C. Phutengdaen, D. Rochela, E. Dolah, A. Promrak, T. Kesarat, T. Aksornsri, W. Namvech, S. Kanlayanbandit, K. Deeromram, T. Aksornsri, J. Sattham, P. Roller, N. Selanon, M. Marhasaranukun, C. Jejue, S. Go, S. Jakkurprasat, K. Thawornsak, C. Chappuis, S. Limwatthana, T. Mahajindawong, S. Suarez, N. Sombatyotha, B. Phala, T. Siripala, N. Suankaew, J. Baggio, P. Prempak, N. Sriyankem, A. Boodjinda, and P. Chainarong.

KIT vs POR: Probable Lineups Players

Kitchee SC (KIT):- Z. Wang, T. Law, D. Cancela, R. Orlando, Cleiton, R. Baena, C. Ho, D. Damjonovic, M. Orr, C. Cheng, and J Park.

Port FC (POR):- R. Songsangchan, D. Rochela, T Aksomsri, E Dolah, B. Phala, S. Jakkuprasat, C. Chappuis, P Prempak, N. Sriyankem, A Boodjinda, and T. Mahajindawong.

KIT vs POR: Match Prediction

Both teams have played well in their last matches and they reached the top 4 teams of the league. Now, both teams will face off each other on the ground and see, who will win today? As per their previous matches, both teams have played well in their last five matches. Team KIT is currently standing in the 4th position and they played their 5 last matches and where they won just three matches and lost two matches.

On the other side, team POR is standing in the 3rd position and they have played their last five matches. They won two matches, faced two draws, and lost one match. After viewing their last five matches, it can be predicted that team POR has more chances to win this upcoming match.


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