On Saturday, an estranged son of Kirk Franklin went viral online after the singer issued an apology after an expletive-filled phone call. Yes, we know that many people are thinking that what we are talking about. So, read the article to know all the details of the incident that happened before with Kirk Franklin and his son Kerrion Franklin. The 51-years-old singer took to social media to share a video in which he expressing regret over an abusive phone conversation with his son Kerrion Franklin.

Kirk Franklin and Kerrion Franklin Phone Call

The phone call went viral when Kerrion records the entire conversation and share it on his official Instagram account. After that, the singer face much defames from the public because everyone stands to support Kerrion. Now, the famous and Grammy-winner singer apology to his son because of doing such a bad conversation with him. After the phone call went viral on social media then Franklin also becomes a trend on Twitter in which the people showing that he had a Toxic relationship with his son. After that, they tried to overcome their problems through counseling and therapy.

In a minute-long video, the singer said that “Recently, my son and I had an argument that he chose to record. I felt extremely disrespected in that conversation and I lost my temper, and I said words that are not appropriate, I am sincerely sorry to all of you, I sincerely apologize”. Now, the entire matter is described above and if you want to see the official apology video shared by Kirk Franklin then you need to visit his official social media platform. He getting much attention from people in the way of sympathy and many people are showing their support to Kirk Franklin.

The entire incident is crystal clear in front of everyone and all the people are knows everything about both personalities. After Kerrion shared the phone call on his Instagram account then the entire public supports him and defame Kirk. Later, Kirk shared another video on his social media platforms to apologize to his son. So, it is cleared that they both understand that what is correct for them and they both are want to save their image in front of the public. Stay connected with us to know more information related to the current things.


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