There are thousands of games in the world which is mostly played by under the age of 20 and also, some youngster loves to play these types of games in their free time. Currently, rumors are coming out related to the new upcoming independent role-playing video game, Kingdoms of the Dump. The game is influenced by several 16-bit JRPGs like Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy VI.

kindoms of the dump

The game was developed by Roach Games and Solar Mongoose are the programmers of the game and later, the entirely out in 2019 and after this, they came out with the campaign of Kickstarter crowdfunding on July 15, 2019, and they had a goal of around $60,000 and but successfully funded with the $76,560.

Well, the game is inspired by ancient playing games so, it will be interesting to play the 90s game and feel the amazing adventures and there are two-dimensional graphics of the game. The game is filled with Land Of Fill and containing five and a half kingdoms.

Well, the game has very interesting plot where the king of the Kingdoms “Garbagia” has been kidnapped and landowner Dustin Binsley is blamed. Now, he wants to clear his name from this and decided to start a mission to rescue the King and also, finish the evil entities behind the Kingdom and King’s kidnapping. Here are all the information about the game.

Kingdoms Of The Dump: Plot

This is a role-playing game that is established in the planet of garbage where lots of adventures and platforming elements are included. In this game, the player can play this game with one character but also can switch with six other characters of the game. Each character has its special ability to solve this puzzle and explore the environment of the game. The players come into contact with enemies and have an independent battle screen rather than having random fights.

Kingdoms Of The Dump: Release Date

The game will be released in October 2022 and will be available for Microsoft Windows, Linux via steam or Digital Rights Management, and Mac OS. The developers, Roach started to created the game in 2016 and Roach also worked on a game named Eagleland before calling it off and created a new team to work on a brand new game IP. The Kingdoms of the Dumo is being originated on Godot 2.1 version game. The graphics of the game was developed by GraphicsGale, Microsoft Paint, and Adobe Photoshop.

There are some characters in the game and those names are Dustin Binsley, Ratavia, Walker Jacket, Lute, Cerulean, Musk, and many more. All these characters will be seen in the game and you can play the game by choosing one of them.


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