Everyone knows that the fan following of several anime series stuns many. Today, we are also going to talk about another great episode of an epic anime series. The upcoming Kingdom Chapter 695 already created a very huge sensation on several social media platforms. It is another great name in a very big list that entertaining millions of people all around the world.

kingdom chapter 695

Everyone already knows that anime series never leaves anyone to get bored while watching amazing episodes of some exceptional series. There is already quite an interesting list of the episodes released by the makers.

Kingdom Chapter 695 Release Date

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The episode reveals that Kochou’s resolve since he was about to behead himself. The episode actually begins when Kochou is about to take his life and then Shuma Clan, from the latest Kingdom chapter arrived to stop him. But, the moment has increase the suspense as Kochou already swings his blade and preventing them from approaching him because he wants to die. later, the Shuma leader asks to cut his arms as he will not be able to do anything after that.

He did but late because Kochou succeeded to stab his neck and remarked that a great general could not be humiliated like this, but that he had to take something with him in the name of Zhao.

Later, the Shuma Leader asks his man to finish Kochou, and then they struggled to deal with him. In the end, they cut Kochou to death. After killing Kochou, the Shuma leader talk about the pain to do this and Kochoue revealed about Raido. Even hearing that Raido is dead from Kochou, the Shuma leader is not believed that it is true.

Then, Kanki comments that they will find out later because they have to take Kochoue’s head. Kanki’s men begin to show Kochou’s head on the battlefield. When his man did this, Kanki become double famous and his victory spread worldwide.

Now, the upcoming episode of the series will be coming with some exceptional turns and twists. The makers have scheduled the release of the ensuing episode for 10th October 2021. The story lineup in the upcoming episode will be actually worth watching in which they will surely stun everyone by showing lots of crispy and unexpected turns.

So, Kingdom Chapter 695 will be releasing soon and you can watch the episode on the official website and several online platforms. You just need to wait for some days to watch this exciting episode of Manga.


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