In the upcoming episode of the Japanese Manga series, Kingdom, the fans will get to see some more devil foes and interesting characters who will provide you a dose of entertainment. Well, the fans are eagerly waiting to watch that who Shin will defeat his new enemy in the episode and let it know that before the reinforcements arrive, he will have to compete and defeat him.

Kingdom Chapter 688

Kingdom Chapter 688: Release Date

Is there any enemy where Shin faces problems to defeat him? Well, it is impossible for General Shin as well and after the many wars for the last many years, our fighter is enough strong and now, he is being followed by any other man.

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Now, the is going to be too long, and also, it has been a very long time since Qin wins a big battle. Some things are moving forward for Hara Sensei who is collecting some time and some things can be seen in progress but it was a little slow.

Now, General Kan Ki is the most awaited topic for the readers and some are still confused about his location and along with this, what’s going on in his mind? The planning of Kan Ki impresses Raido and therefore, we are more excited to know and we think that there will be something more and more interesting to watch.

The announcement has been made for the second generation of the Six Great Generals and Kan Ki was also appointed after the promotion and later, he has to join the war. If he will lose the battle so, it would be a shame for him and Qin. Also, it will defame the name of its generals and Qin as well. Now, the makers have already released Kingdom Chapter 687 and now, it’s time for the next chapter called “Kingdon Chapter 688” Let’s take a zoom on the upcoming episode.

Kingdom Chapter 688: Spoiler

Before its release, the excitement among fans to know the spoiler has been increasing and maybe, it is interesting to know but you should watch the entire episode at the scheduled time. Well, here is some spoiler of the chapter where Kyou Rei is one of the best, strongest and skilled warriors in the unit of Hi Shin but she was also shocked after watching the techniques of Gaku Haku. We think that in the chapter, Kyou Rei and Kyou Kai is the most important role in the upcoming chapter. Now, the next episode can show you that Kyou Rei will go back to the top of the mountain to her General.

Kingdom Chapter 688 Preview & Cast

Like always, the watcher will not have to wait for too long to watch the upcoming chapter because the makers will release the chapter on August 7, 2021. Along with this, the watchers can watch every next chapter on every Saturday until it reaches its end. Each episode comes with the latest story and fights between our strong warriors. So, don’t forget to watch the next episode on the platform.


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