Does Kimiko Die In The Boys Season 3? Character’s Fate Revealed: This article will be in regard to episode 4 of the third season of the famous series The Boys. As you have already guessed from the title this will contain information that is related to the episode so if you haven’t watched and are planning to watch then watch first. Follow For More Updates

Does Kimiko Die In The Boys Season 3

Does Kimiko Die In The Boys Season 3?

Now that the spoiler warning is done let’s talk about episode 4 of season 3 of The Boys. Kimiko is a very popular character in the series and the latest episode has left us with a cliffhanger and a very shocking one at that. We will share information on the episode and see if Kimiko really will die or if it was just a teaser to foreshadow something else. The Boys has been running for a long time and had recently released the third season of the franchise.

Will Kimiko really die in The Boys Season 3?

Well, the simple answer is going to be a no. Yes, you heard it she won’t be dying this season. The episode 4 of the third season that went with the title “Glorious Five Year Plan” in which we see that Butcher and his group track the Russian weapon they had been tracking for quite a while.

Later on, it was revealed that the Soldier Boy was the weapon all along, the character fought back after he was pulled out of the chamber that he was in, then he shot a deadly beam that came from his chest. Frenchie was the target of the beam but, Kimiko heroically dived in so that Frenchie could survive. The beam hit her as she went on to collapse.

The latest promos related to episode 5 of the show have already revealed that Kimiko will, indeed, survive the hit. She was shown to be resting in the hospital and her powers were not able to heal her, which made her somewhat happy.

Does Kimiko die in the Comic Book?

The answer is yes, she dies in the Comic Book, The Boys. But since the amazon series is not strictly following the comic books then it is hard to say that it will happen in the OTT series as well, later.

In the comics, Butcher is shown to be going on a rampage and plans to bomb many locations all around the country, as he was targeting all the people. He was using the Compound V which is known to be a dangerous weapon. Kimiko and Frenchie both get killed after they locate the bombs. But, this doesn’t happen to be the doing of Soldier Boy.


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