Dictator Kim Jong Un is dead or alive, is still a mystery. Through some satellite photos from the USA, it is expected that North Korea’s supreme leader Kim Jong Un may be at the resort near the country’s coastal city of Wonsan. In these photos, Kim’s favorite luxury boat is also seen docked near the resort which only Kim uses. Kim’s personal train was also seen near the same resort last week. However, no statement has been given from the officials of North Korea.

Now, the news is going on that Kim Yo Jong who is the sister of Kim Jong Un got the powers of North Korea. This intensifies the ongoing speculation about the health of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. There are also reports that he has stopped taking official decisions. A publication in Japan has claimed this, according to a report by Ballai Business, the ruling workers party of North Korea sent some proposals to Kim for the approval and signature but the documents related to them have not been returned yet.

Kim Jong Un Sister

The report claimed that many government offices have not received Kim’s signed documents since mid-April. This makes us believe that Kim has died or is very ill. However, there is no confirmation of these reports. Whereas, US President Donald Trump and South Korea claim they know where Kim is.

Kim did not attend the celebrations on the birth anniversary of her grandfather Kim Il-sung and since then a lot of speculations have been made about her. His sister Kim Yo-jong is believed to have taken over the power. Ballai Business claimed to have spoken to a dissident holding a high position in North Korea, he claimed that the ruling party and state institutions have been trying to find out for weeks whether Kim signed the proposals.

Yonhap news agency report, citing an analysis report of the latest meeting of South Korea’s Supreme People’s Assembly earlier this month, reported that South Korea’s National Assembly Research Services on April 26 estimated that 32 years the governing foundation will be strengthened by Kim Yo-jong’s Workers Party re-entry into the Politburo.

The report stated that this reflected Kim’s sister’s position as the official successor and the possibility of expanding her role. There have been reports amid media speculation that Kim Jong-un may be seriously ill. After Kim did not appear in public since April 15, there was news in foreign media that he was seriously ill. However, North Korea has not yet officially revealed its supreme leader’s status.


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