There are too many rumors that are surfing on the Internet related to the fatal accident of South African Rapper and Artist Khanya Hadebe along with other rappers Mpura and Killer Kau. It is saddened to share with you that today, we lost the famous rapper of South African in a car accident. Yes, all the three rappers have died in a fatal accident when they were coming back from a Gig.

Killer Kau and Mpura Died

How Did Killer Kau and Mpura Dies?

As per the sources, they were travelling to Rustenburg and during the time, there car crashed and Killer Kau, Mpura, and Khanya Hadebe died on the spot. However, the US reports did not share the news officially but many tweets can be seen on the Internet describing that we lost our beloved rappers.

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As per the recent information, rapper Kabza De Small was also sitting inside the car but before the accident took place, he left the car, and currently, he is alive. However, the reports are claiming that the two rappers have died in a car crash when they were on their way to Rustenburg.

Well, the news is not confirmed yet by US Day News but we are still waiting for more official information of the incident. Fans are still searching that how did it happen and there are some more casualties?

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Mpura Death Reason Wiki-Bio

The official news of the accident was shared by PhilMphels who is popularly known as Kgopolo. He took the support of Twitter and wrote,” RIP: Amapiano Artist Killer Kau & Mpura in a fatal accident. Three lives from the industry are cut short with the passing of Killer Kau, Mpura, and Khanya Hadebe”. While some rumors are claiming that some more casualties were found there. As Kgopolo wrote that almost 5 people died in a fatal accident. Killer Kau, Mpura, and Khanya Hadebe have been identified by police.

On the other side, one lady has been rushed to the hospital and two more casualties have been found at the spot. Marikana Police have not been identified yet. Kgopolo also added that if you have some information about them so, please contact Marikana Police Station. Now, it has been cleared that almost 5 people have died in an accident.

Killer Kau, Mpura & Khanya Hadebe Accident Video

Since the news went viral over the Internet, many fans are mourning the death of these rappers from South Africa. They were youngers and struggling in their life to achieve something big. They have made too many songs and shared them on their channels. Because of their talent and skills, they gained huge popularity among fans and still, rappers are living in their fans’ hearts.

Some pictures can also be seen on social media that show that how was it deadly. The fans are paying tribute to the death of artists. For their fans, it was unexpected. They all were the part of music era and in just a few hours, the life of their family, friends, and loving ones has changed as they lost them.

Killer Kau Cause Of Death, Girlfriend

Rapper Kabza De Small was with them before the accident took place and also, he is showing his condolence on his friend’s death. It’s a very heartbreaking moment for the family and we pray for their family members. They all will be remembered by their loved ones. May God Bless Their Soul.


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