Korean Baseball League 2020
Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, all the sports events have stand canceled leading to the heartbreak of all the sports lovers. But looking at the scenario, safety is the necessity. So Dream 11 has decided to bang again with the ultimate Baseball League.
The previous match was seen as a boomerang of entertainment. Now the next battle would be seen paired between KIH and KIA.

Match details:
Korean Baseball League 2020
Teams- KIA vs KIH
Date- 6th May 2020
Time- 10:30AM
Venue- Korea

KIH vs KIA Live Score

Dream 11 Preview
According to the previous records of the last 5 matches, KIH has been seen with the lead of 3-2 against the other team.

On the other hand, the record of DOB was totally opposite of LGT. They have managed to get only 2 victories in their account while losing 3 matches.
The recent form of the team LGT noticed is Win, Win, Win, Lose, Lose while DOB had a form of Lose, Lose, Lose, Win, Win.

KIH Squad:
Kun Woo, Jae Hwan, Ji won, Fernandez, Jae il, Joo Hwan, Ji Hoon, Moon Su, Alcantara, Flexen, Kang ryul, Myung Jon, Se Hyuk, Lee Jung Hoo, Kim Ha Seong, Jerry Sands, Park Dong Won, C Won Tae

KIH expected Lineup
Kun Woo, Lee Jung Hoo, Ji won, C Won Tae

Key Players that are expected would be Jerry Sands and C Won Tae
Pitcher- Flexen
Infielder- Moon su, Fernandez
Outdielder- Park Dong Won, C won tae

KIA Squad:
Hyung Jong, Yong talk, Jung Woo, Jae won, Min Sung, Ji hwan, Bu Seong, Sung Jun, Kelly, Jae Seong, Lee Chang-jin, Oh Seon-woo, Choi Hyung-woo, Kim Ho-ryeong, Lee Eun-chong, Lee Jin-young, Lee Woo-sung, Moon Sun-jae

KIA Expected Lineup
Hyung Jong, Jung Woo, Kelly, Jae won

Key Players that are expected would be Lee Eun-Chong and Kelly
Pitcher- By Seong
Infielder- Moon Sun-Jae, Oh Seo -woo
Outfielder- Lee Chang-jin, Yong Talk

Dream 11 Prediction
We believe that this match of the tournament would not be giving us any winner but an exciting time as the exclusive winning spirits of both the teams would result in the match to become a draw. We do want a winner but the entertainment must go on. Let’s see who will turn this match exciting. Let’s see if our prediction will get something or not.
Note- all the pickups are truly based on kn predictions. So don’t dishearten your belief in case of losing.


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