This Denmark Handball League has introduced lots of matches in the recent days and now, they are coming with another match once again. Let us tell you that the league is well known for introducing some back-to-back matches and as per the sources, team KIF Kolding (KIF) and team Mors-Thy (MTH) is going to face each other on the handball court.

KIF vs MTH Live Score

Maybe, the fans will be interesting to watch this wonderful battle because both teams have already played lots of matches in this league and once again, they are coming with another match.

KIF vs MTH Live Score

Well, there are 15 teams in this league and every team has played more than 20 matches against the rival team. Now, every team is struggling to reach the final matches of the league, and therefore, the competition is going tougher for all. It seems that the competition will reveal which team is worthy to reach on the final matches.

All the tickets of the matches is available on the official website of the league and fans can buy the tickets of the match from the website. The reports related to the player’s injury have not been updated yet. Keep reading to get more updates.

KIF vs MTH: Match Details

  • Team Names:- KIF Kolding (KIF) vs Mors-Thy (MTH)
  • League:- Denmark Handball League
  • Venue:- Spare boxes Thy Arena
  • Date:- Tuesday, March 1, 2022
  • Time:- 11:00 PM IST

KIF vs MTH: Team Squad

KIF Kolding (KIF):- Peter Torpegaard Lund, Peter Balling, Thomas Boilesen, Benjamin Pedersen, Chris Holm Jorgensen, Tim Winkler, Vetle Ronningen, Jens Svane, Emil Jessen, Agust Eli Bjorgvinsson, Jesper Meinby, Daniel Guldsmed Nielsen, Mats Gordon Krog, Andreas Vaever, and Andreas Flodman.

Mors-Thy (MTH):- Jon Katballe, Thomas Arnoldsen, Morten Balling, Morten Hempel-Jensen, Thor Christensen, Mathias Smed, Lasse Hojgaard, Mathias Bitsch, Kristian Bonefeld, Lukas Goller, Salah Boutaf, Allan Toft Hansen, Hakun Teigum, Mads Kalstrup, Lars Skaarup, Mike Haack, Kristoffer Laursen, and Frederik Arnoldsen.

KIF vs MTH: Lineups Player

KIF Kolding (KIF):- Agust Eli Bjorgvinsson, Benjamin Pedersen, Mats Gordon Krog, Andreas Vaever, Andreas Flodman, Mathias Smed, and Lasse Hojgaard.

Mors-Thy (MTH):- Thomas Arnoldsen, Kristian Bonefeld, Lars Skaarup, Mike Haack, Lukas Goller, Salah Boutaf, and Morten Balling.

KIF vs MTH: Match Details 

This fantastic match is about to begin and as we can see in the list that team KIF is standing on the 12th spot with 21 matches where they won 4 matches and lost 12 matches. On the other side, the rival team MTH is at 8th spot with 22 matches where they won 9 matches and faced 11 lose in their matches. Well, if we talk about the poll that which team has more chances to win this match so, team MTH can win this match with the gameplay and strategies


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