In the German Men Handball League, the team THW Kiel is squarring off against the team MT Mrlsungen on 22nd May. The match is scheduled to be played at 11:45 pm at Kassel, Rothenbach-Halle. Both of the teams are playing well in the league and winning audience hearts. This would be interesting to see which team will win the trophy of this season. Let’s start the dream 11 prediction with team THW who has played 15 matches in the league where they won 10 matches and lost 5 matches. They have recently played a match against the team ERD where they scored 88 points and the opponent team stick at 70 points and lost the latch. The team THW is at 1st position in the league standings.

On the other side, team MM has played a total of 14 matches in the league where they won 8 matches and lost 6 matches. The team has played a match against the team FTC where the opponent team scored 78 points, the team MM stuck at 70 points and lost the match. Let’s take a look at live score of teams.

THM Vs MM Live Score:

Match: THM vs MM Handball League 2021

Date: 22nd May

Time: 11:45 pm

THW Team Squad:

Oskar Sunnefeldt, Mattias Anderson, Filip Jicha, Dario Quenstedt, Pavel Horak, Harald Reinkind, Steffen Weinhold, Miha Zarabec, Rune Dahmke, Niclas Ekberg, Magnus Landin Jacobsen, Domagoj Duvnjak, Niklas Landin Jacobsen, Patrick Wiencek, Viktor Szilagyi, Philipp Maximilian Wager, Bevan Calvert, Fynn Malte Schroeder, Sven Ehrig

MM Team Squad:

Fin Backs, Felix Danner, Yves Kunkel, Stefan Salger, Michael Allendorf, Arnar Freyr Arnarsson, Nebojsa Simic, Lasse Mikkelsen, Silvio Heinevetter, Marino Maric, Tobias Reichmann, Timo Kastening, Kai Hafner, Julius Kuhn, Ben Beekmann, Jan Lasse Herbst, Arjan Haenen, Glenn-Louis Eggert, Jona Gurber,

THM Vs MM Dream 11 Prediction:

Team THM is leading with winning 10 matches in the tournament. The key players of green THM will be Pavel Horak, Harald Reinkind, and Steffen Weinhold. Harald Reinkind has joined the team in 2021 and played as a forward player. He has scored 20 points in the last match. Pavel Horak will be the midfield player as he scored 18 points in the recent played match.

The key players of team MM will be Arnar Freyr Arnarsson, Nebojsa Simic, and Lasse Mikkelsen. Arnar Freyr will be the forward player and played each inning in the tournament. There are higher chances of team THM winning today’s match. To know more about this article stay connected to us.


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