Is Kevin Ware Jr Arrested Over Murder Of Her Girlfriend? Charges Explained: A former NFL player who is now retired named Kevin ware is now arrested as his girlfriend named Taylor Pomasi got disappeared and it is believed that he killed her because of some of his personal issues. The people who were his fans are disappointed because of his behavior and this news is now getting viral on many social media platforms and people want to know more about this news. This news is currently trending in the top 10 news as he is a known player who played for NFL. Let’s find out more about this news. Follow More Updates On

Kevin Ware Jr Arrested

Who Is Kevin Ware Jr?

He was born on 30th September 1980 in San Diego. He is an American football player who played for National Football League for Washington & San Francisco. He had played High School Football and college football at Washington University. In 2003 he played eleven games for Washington Redskins and in 2004 he played 5 games for San Franciso. In 2010 he was charged with theft charges and in 2018 he spent two years in jail. In his life, he had committed many crimes and got prisoned for several years but no he is charged with a murder case of his girlfriend.

Kevin Ware Jr Arrested

Why was Kevin Ware Arrested?

He was arrested on 11th June 2021 in Sring Texas as his girlfriend Taylor Pomaski who was 29 years old was missing since 25th April. As per information, they both were last seen at the party which was at his house and neighbors said that they were fighting and they were able to hear the voices of their fighting and from that day she had been missing. He also violated the terms of bail conditions and some parts of her body were found in north Harris County in Texas on 10th December 2021 and the body is now identified as Taylor on 1st May 2022.

Charges & Allegations On Kevin Ware?

He had committed many crimes starting from theft and involving in drug cases to a gun named AK-47 which was loaded and he was released from jail on the same he got arrested by given $23,000 for a bond. He is now under custody and taken to Montogomery County Jail as he has a criminal record so he will get a jail of man years after attempting the murder of his girlfriend. Court has also announced that it is not safe for people so they should take care of them. Stay tuned with us for the latest information.


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