A right culture in the dressing room – a true leadership acumen, with great tactical moves – a true legacy left behind by the World Cup-winning captain,” says Kevin Petersen.

Kevin Pietersen

Mindset is quite vital when it comes to sports – and Cricket is no different! From taking over the captaincy to striking the first silverware for the English National team, Eoin Morgan has been a standing brilliance.

The change in temperament and imbibing aggression into the team – has resulted in the resurgence of English Cricket – leading them to have victories one over the other.

But, what is the reason for this turnaround?

The Leadership of Eoin Morgan

The Dublin-born cricketer, after being drafted into the English set-up, took over the captaincy in 2015. Post this, there was no turn-around for the English team.

So, what was so different in his captaincy?

Strokes Of Trust On The Players Resulting In Test Glory

Purely backing your team members at their worst – is the new breed of English Cricket all about. Giving them the licence is only valid if you are backing them up when they misfire – and this is what the Morgan Breed of Leadership has brought in. 

Kevin Pietersen, in his blog post, was all in praise for Jonny Bairstow and the support that the English management is showing to Crawley. 

Zack Crawley, though a poor form, has been given a chance in the English side against India – goes on to prove how much the team builds on trust.

One excellent transformation player has been Jhonny Bairstow.

Bairstow has been in prime form – with a belligerent 106 of 140 against India in the 5th Test, 2022, solidifying his stance. 

With his bold shot-making and carefree bathing style, he has been challenging the norms of the Test cricket playing style – but, as long as he is scoring runs – and scoring them big – he is doing it right!

The X-Factor That Eoin Morgan Brings Into The Team

Is the English World Cup Campaign of 2015 still fresh in your mind? The early exit, after a humiliating loss to the Bangladesh Tigers – could have sealed the deal for Morgan – who was handed over the English captaincy, just a few weeks before the tournament.

But, then came the turning point in his career – Andrew Strauss!

What comes to your mind when you hear the name, Andrew Strauss?

Well, if it is the swashbuckling opening pair of Trescothick & Strauss – then you are a true cricket lover!

Strauss was appointed as the director for the English team, and Strauss reinstated his belief over Morgan’s captaincy – and this paid off too well!

Morgan had a different take on playing the game – which meant upsetting many Test Cricket experts. The English captain believed in the aggressive game-play, which often meant taking up the charge against the opponent.

So, how did it help the team?

Freedom of Expressing – The players were given the freedom to express themselves on the ground. The top-order was given the license to play bold, take the attack against the opponent, and keep the game moving.

He led this attack wherein his average, post the 2015 World Cup rose from 34.35 to a staggering 44.73. Leadership means lacking from the front – and the southpaw did exactly the same. Amassing over 3000 runs, with a strike rate of close to 100 in 75 innings, Morgan strengthened the middle-order. 

His success in captaincy comes from the fact that he has been supported by the top management, along with the tactical ingenuity – that he brings into the equation. 

Kevin Pietersen

A Winning Culture From A World Cup Exit

A winning culture – is all that Morgan gave to the English side. Once you trust your players – you do a lot good for them – to play to their potential. The culture which was set by Morgan in the white-ball limited over the game has seeped into the white jerseys – and it’s doing wonders for the team.

A right culture in the dressing room – a true leadership acumen, with great tactical moves – a true legacy left behind by the World Cup-winning captain. 


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