Kerala State Win Win W-492 Lottery Result: 24th December 2018 is an important day for those people who are ready to try their luck for one of the biggest cash flow of Kerala. The results will be announced by the Kerala state lottery department at 3 PM and you can check the complete results from 4 PM. Today’s Kerala Lottery results will be updated here at Up To Brain as soon as it comes out.

Kerala is the very first state of India to legalized lotteries, it helps in collecting revenue for state and also improves the standard of living. Many people take part in Kerala Win Win Lottery to try their luck to cash this golden opportunity to become millionaire immediately. If you are looking for correct Win Win W-492 Lottery Result then we assure you to fulfil your requirements and needs here at this webpage as we only authentic result from official lottery website.

The famous Win Win W-492 Lottery offers whopping prize money of Rs 65 lakh to the first prize winner and Rs 8000 as a consolation prize. The second and third prize winner will be rewarded with Rs 10 lakh and 1 lakh respectively. The third and the fourth and fifth prize winners will get Rs 5,000 and Rs 2,000 respectively while the sixth, seventh and eighth prize winners will receive Rs 1,000, Rs 500, and Rs 100 as winning cash amount.

Live Kerala Win Win W-492 Lottery Results, 24th December 2018:

Check out the list of Kerala Win Win W-492 Lottery Results, 24th December 2018, along with winning prize amount below.

1st Prize: Rs 6,500,000/-


Consolation Prize: Rs 8,000/-


2nd Prize: Rs 1,000,000/-


3rd Prize: Rs 100,000/-


4th Prize: Rs 5,000/-


5th Prize: Rs 2,000/-


6th Prize: Rs 1,000/-


7th Prize: Rs 500/-


8th Prize: Rs 100/-


Note: The results will be updated at 3 PM and you can check the complete result from 4 PM. Please refresh this site to check the updated results. 

People have a keen interest in Kerala Lotteries as anyone can stand a chance to become rich by just buying a lottery ticket from any lottery shop in the state. The major reason behind people’s keen interest in lotteries is the exciting prize money it offers, and no one in this planet can say no to such an enticing deal. Kerala lotteries are safe and completely legal to play. So, anyone can stand a chance to win whopping prize money that Kerala daily lotteries offer.

The Win Win W-492 Lottery winners can claim their winning prize money from any lottery shop in Kerala if the winning prize amount is less than Rs 5,000. But the winners will have to submit their winning lottery to government lottery office and bank with identification proofs in case the winning prize amount is above Rs 5,000. Stay tuned with us for more Kerala Lottery results and updates.


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