A very prominent and most famous lottery ticket is now going to choose its winner who will take the first prize of the contest. Yes, we are talking about the most genuine Karunya+ Lottery Result KR 484 because it is all set to make the sensation in the market. Everyone knows that Kerala government officials running the lottery system with proper legal activities and most of the people are playing it to make their life very easy with full of money. Nowadays, everyone wants to choose the way in which they get more money in few time. It is the best option that provides you the highest amount of prize at very low risk and in less time.

teer lottery result

Let us tell you more about the lottery in which all the people who already participate o win the contest can get the name of the winner at 03:00 PM in the evening. So, if you want to become rich in less time then it is the perfect option for everyone who wants to live your life with ease in which you got lots of prosperity and money. The best chance to try your luck and change your lifestyle is a lottery. Here we are providing all the details about the lottery with the help of you will very easily understand everything about it.

Many people are want to know the price of one ticket that is INR 50 only. The first prize money that wins by the winner is INR 80 Lakh that completely makes their life very superb and awesome. The second prize money is also very amazing that is INR 5 Lakh. The third prize money of the Karunya Lottery Result KR 484 is INR 1 Lakh. After that, there is also a consolation prize for the rest of some participant that is INR 8,000. The official website of the lottery where everyone can check the result is https://www.keralalotteryresult.net/ and http://www.keralalotteries.com/.

The lottery is the only way that boosts the income of any person on some days. Lots of people are searching for the best and genuine lottery to make their future life very easy from the side of money. Many people already planned that they will invest some part of their winning prize to save their money. Karunya Lottery Result KR 484 will be announced at 03:00 PM on the official website of the lottery and we will also update all the details here. So, stay tuned with us to know more interesting and fantastic details about the lottery and the result of the lottery.


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