Kerala Lottery Akshaya Lottery AK-375 Results: 26th December 2018 has special importance for those people who brought lottery tickets a few days ago to cash this golden opportunity. The results will be announced by the Kerala Lottery department.

The results will be announced by the lottery board at 4 PM and you can check the complete result from 4:30 PM. The results will be updated here at this webpage as soon as it comes out, we provide only authentic results.

After their rich culture and traditions, Kerala lottery is the most famous thing about Kerala, which is the very first state of our country to legalize a lottery. For those who are not aware, lotteries help in collecting revenue for the state. The state government of Kerala organizes several lottery programs for their citizens that also improves the standard of living.

The Akshaya AK-375 Lottery offers a whopping cash amount of Rs 60 lakh to the first prize winner while the consolation prize is Rs 8,000. The lottery offers Rs 5 lakh and Rs 1 lakh to the second and third prize winner while the fourth and fifth prize winners will get Rs 5,000 and Rs 2,000 as their winning cash amount. The sixth, seventh and eighth prize winners will be rewarded with Rs 1,000, Rs 500, and Rs 100 respectively.

Live Kerala Lottery Result 26th December 2018: Akshaya lottery AK-375 Results

Check out today’s Kerala lottery results below:

1st Prize: Rs 6,000,000/-

Consolation Prize: Rs 8,000/-

2nd Prize: Rs 500,000/-

3rd Prize: Rs 100,000/-

4th Prize: Rs 5,000/-

5th Prize: Rs 2,000/-

6th Prize: Rs 1,000/-

7th Prize: Rs 500/-

8th Prize: Rs 100/-

Note: Akshaya lottery AK-375 results will be updated by 4 PM, you can check the complete lottery result by 4:30 PM. You need to refresh this website to see the updated result. 

The state government of Kerala runs multiple lottery programs for their citizen. The state also conducts bumper draws on four festivals — Onam, Vishu, Christmas and Pooja/Dussehra. Apart from occasional bumper draws, the state government also organizes two seasonal jackpots — the monsoon and summer jackpot.

This weekly lottery draw organizes by the Kerala lottery department, the draws will be held at Gorgy Bhavan Auditorium using the lottery machine at 4 PM. Thousands of people buy lottery tickets to try their luck to cash this golden opportunity, thousands of tickets are printed and sold daily. The printing of lottery tickets depends on its sale. Here at Up To Brain, we only provide the authentic results.

Kerala Lottery is completely legal and safe to play. The cost of a single ticket of Akshaya lottery AK-375 is Rs 30 only. So, anyone can try their luck with this enticing opportunity to become rich immediately. The lottery winners are advised to confirm the winning ticket numbers with results published in the Kerala Government Gazette, the winners will receive the winning cash prize after tax deduction.


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