Kerala state’s transgender Anannyah Kumari Alex was found dead in her house after hanging herself in her room. Before some weeks, Anannyah filed a complaint about surgery of sex reassignment that was gone wrong. She was the first transgender candidate to file the nomination from Kerala which was held Assembly election but recently, the news came out that she killed herself allegedly on Tuesday. Anannyah was first from her community who became a radio jockey and was recently found hanging in her home. She was a resident of Kochi. Her body was found hanging in her apartment on Tuesday, July 20.

Anannyah Kumari Alex Found Dead in Her Apartment

According to the police reports, she was died by suicide. In her last interview, she said,” I am one of the victims of gross medical negligence. My body’s private part looks like meat and nothing a part of like this. I want surgery again, I want justice”. She was 28-years-old. Now, more details of the incident will release after analyzing the post-morterm, said Kalamassery police.

Kerala First Transgender RJ Dies

The post-morterm of Anannyah will take action in Government Medical College on Wednesday. Along with this, the police have registered the case of unnatural death. She was the first transgender woman who was conducted in the Kerala Assembly polls. Being a politician, she was freelancing as a fashion stylist and make-up artist as well.

In her interview, she made her surgery in June 2020 at Kochi’s Renai MultiSpeciality hospital. She claimed that the surgery was not successful and wanted to have her surgery again. She also told that since her surgery was conducted, she was facing many issues related to her surgery.

When the news came out of this, Veena George, Health Minister of Kerala ordered to investigate the death. She told,” many complaints came out regarding this case from the transgender community. Now, the new expert committee will be formed to investigate and study the case issues related to the surgeries”.

Anannyah Kumari Alex Suicide Reason

Annanyah once told that if the transgender community will become a part of the mainstream, so, there will be something change in society. Her words motivate many transgender people and maybe, some more people like her want to join her in the rallies. Now, the investigation is underway related to her death and the transgender community is coming forward to support her and want justice of the member.

Along with this, many people are sorrowful about the death of Annanyah Kumari on the Internet and asking for justice. May God Bless Her Soul.


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