Kemalangan Di Sungkai: Recently a report reported that a man who was in BMW 330E when a road accident happened on Monday, 11th July 2022 at the Sungkai Plus Highway has surrendered himself to the police for further proceedings in the investigation. Initially, it was believed that the driver of the BMW 330E had run away from the scene to avoid legal action against him but after something of the accident, he surrendered himself to the police for his misdeeds. Since this news surfaced and broke out on the internet it has become a trending story. You should follow this article till the very end to fetch every bit of information related to this story. In the following particulars of this column, we have explored what actually happened on Monday at Sungkai Plus Highway. Drag down the page. Follow More Updates On

Kemalangan Di Sungkai

Kemalangan Di Sungkai

According to Sinar Harian’s report, the 30 years old suspect turned himself in on Tuesday night around 10 PM at the Gombak Police Station. The suspect also has testified in this case. Currently, this road accident case is being investigated under the Road Transport Act’s Section 43(1). Let’s learn what actually happened on Monday. Take a close look at the next section of the article.

As per the source, a pair of husband-wife was traveling on Monday evening with their 4-months old toddler in their white Proton Inspira on the highway but suddenly a silver BMW 330E take over their car from the middle to the right lane due to which the driver of Proton Inspira misplace his control on the car and his car hit the side of BMW 330E and the white Proton Inspira skidded and collided with the road barriers. Get more about this accident news in the following section.

The impact of the accident threw the 4 months old toddler onto the road due to which the baby sustained several brokerages in his bones and bleeding in the brain. The driver of the white Inspira sustained wounds on his right arm and his wife suffered injuries on her left ankle. While the driver of the BMW escapes the accident scene without any injury. Following the accident, the injured victims of the accident were rushed to the Slim River Hospital while the four-month-old toddler was admitted to Hospital Raja Permaisuri Bainun Ipoh. Now the driver of the BMW has turned himself to the police. Stay tuned to this page.


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